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Welcome to the Wikia for Praxis Arcanum, the Roleplaying Game!

Please be aware that the rules for this game are still in an early, pre-alpha state, and are subject to frequent change.


Praxis Arcanum is a fantasy roleplaying game focused on organic character development, where players discover their characters’ personalities through their narrative decisions. Characters always improve the skills they use, and are therefore defined by the actions they take, whether out of whimsical choice or due to dire necessity. As they progress, players can design custom rules to refine their characters’ identities and to reward preferred styles of play, be they driven by mechanics, storytelling, or anything in between. Beyond this, Praxis Arcanum is a tactical miniatures game, involving strategic resource management and creative problem-solving.

The Wikia page will contain information on the following topics pertaining to the game rules:

  • Attributes (Body, Mind, and Spirit) and Resources (Health, Cunning, and Essence)
  • Skills (Combat Skills and Adventure Skills)
  • Phases of play, including combat rules
  • Advancement, including making custom Praxes to define your character

A long-term goal of this project is to allow for a player-built campaign world as an optional setting. Did you play a session of Praxis Arcanum? Submit a synopsis of your campaign to have it edited and added to the rest of the Praxis Arcanum history. Other players can visit the towns, cities, and sites of magical anomalies that YOU have created! Pages here will include:

  • World Lore and History (a catalogue of other players' campaigns and play sessions)
  • Character Compendium (a catalogue for all PCs and NPCs)

Interested in reading other adventures in Praxis Arcanum? Read up some early entries on the continent of Punta, on an unknown world!

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